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Three simple words have saved a number of lives as the police use a new app that pinpoints someone’s exact location by dividing the world into 3x3 metre squares and gives each one a unique three-word address. 
Police urge people to download this app if stranded as it improves response times and ultimately saves lives. "We've already had an example in Bedfordshire where it has been used to save a life, a man that tragically fell in the river. We were struggling to get an ambulance to him to provide the life saving first aid that he needed. The PCSO on the scene used What3Words to identify his location." Said Supt Nick Lyall. 
This will work with anywhere that’s searchable on Google Maps – parks, monuments, buildings, residential addresses and everything in between. So, rather than saying “I’ll meet you at The Fox & Hounds pub, 29 Passmore St, London, SW1W 8HR” – or any shorter/longer variant – you would plug these details into What3words, and you’ll be informed that “Dimes Random Tunnel” are the three allocated words for this precise location. These are the three words you would use to tell people where you’re meeting, which could be over the telephone, by Twitter, Facebook or email – all channels What3words makes it easy to share through.  
There may be places or properties that don’t have names and numbers, and postcodes often don’t give a very accurate idea of where a place is – this is particularly true in more rural locations. With What3words, you can drag and drop a pin on a map to a very specific point – it could be a fence in a field or a hut on a hill – and glean the three keywords for that exact point to share with anyone.“With GPS and smartphones, we have at our fingertips the ability to pinpoint precise locations,” explains What3words CEO Chris Sheldrick. “However, until What3words we haven’t had a simple, memorable universal system to easily describe locations with any degree of precision. We’ve devised a way to describe exact locations – anywhere in the world – in a simple and memorable way.” 
What3words is a London-based startup, founded in 2013 by Chris Sheldrick, Jack Waley-Cohen and Michael Dent, and it says it hopes the process of “turning locations into text strings on a large scale” will see its technology finally granted a patent, something which is currently pending. Visit now https://what3words.com/ 
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