There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a business phone system, which include: What type of connection you want, if the cost structure fits your budget, if it has all the calling features you want, whether it offers collaboration tools that suit your business, not to mention if it provides the mobility tools your employees need when they are working outside the office 

A Hosted Phone System 

Hosted telephony uses cloud technology which removes the need for costly physical hardware on-site and analogue or ISDN telephone lines from phone providers; instead, a business phone system is hosted remotely and connected to via the Internet. Essentially, the phone system becomes a piece of software rather than hardware. 

An IP Phone System 

Put simply, it refers to making phone calls that are made through the internet, rather than through a regular landline or a mobile network. A VoIP system works by taking your analogue voice signals, converting them into digital signals, then sending them as data over your broadband line 

A Hybrid Phone System 

This is an on premise phone system which combines all the advantages of a traditional phone system by retaining things like external telephone line connections and any internal telephone devices, whilst combining the convergence of IP technology 


Your business is defined by your connectivity. Your connectivity is how you interact with your customers, suppliers and staff but it is also defined by the speed of which you connect and interact with them. It is key for the day-to-day running of your business and its systems. 

How much does it cost?  

Each service is different and depends on a number of variables, please contact us to discuss in more detail either via the form or on the telephone, our number is 01604 372355. 
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